Structure of the Association

The management bodies of the Association are the following:

1. The President of the Association – President is elected for a five-year term of office by the Board. The President organizes daily activities, performs decisions of the Board and the General meeting of the Members, represents the Association in the relationships between third parties, etc.

2. The Board – Board consist three members. The Board is elected by the General meeting of the Members for a five-year term of office. The main activities of the Board are: formation of general policy of the Association and coordination of its implementation, solving financial issues, adoption of decisions regarding the acceptance and elimination of members, etc.

3. The General meeting of the Members – it is the highest management structure of the Association. The General meeting of the Members confirms, fills and amends the Articles of the Association, confirms the qualification exam program of the Association, establishes minimum standards for the members of the Association, etc.

There are 5 committees established in order to regulate activities of the Members of the Association:

-Committee of Ethics;

-Committee of Qualification and Studying;

-Committee of Politics of Taxes and Administration;

-Committee of International co-operation;

-Committee of Experts.